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Vendnet model 3172 satellite machine

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I aquired this unit at a very low price  I would like to put in my shop and put in a momentary switch for each vending motor so essentially this machine can be used as a standalone free vending machine. Can anyone help me figure out how to do this? In my mind I can place 6 switches in that once pushed it will activate the motor to spin looking at the imbilical cord none of these inputs ohm out to the motor harness

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I think this is possible with a few caveats.

1. You will need to provide a 12/24 V supply that matches the motors ( I don't have a parts manual to check voltage of motors)

2. You will need to disconnect the wiring loom from J2 on the combo driver board (the side that is hard wired to the motors)

3. You will have to create a new wiring loom to connect the low voltage power supply via your momentary switches to the J2 plug.

4. Your new momentary switches will have to be operated long enough for the motor to deliver a product, and released prior to a second product being dispensed (because the delivery sensor will no longer be in the circuit, and I can't see motor homing switches on the circuit diagram)

5 You will need to check that the refrigeration is working with the machines umbilical unplugged - it looks like a standalone circuit, but I don't have experience with this model)


A circuit diagram is available in this manual


Unless you have some electronics background, lots of time on your hands, or just like to play, it's probably not worth the time to do this with no guarantee of success.

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