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LED readout on Dixie Narco 368


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I converted one column to vend 16 oz Monsters.  I had difficulty programming the "Configuration" setting from single price to multi price.


I worked that out.   


However, before I started on this task, and before I opened the machine the LED read "coca cola" and would display the vend price when I pushed a selection button.


***After I worked out the multi-price issue, the LED only display "decimal pt".   HOW can i restore the LED to scroll "coca cola" again?   Is there a setting option for what is display on the LED?





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It is in the menu.


SSM is what your looking for.



Main Menu Sub-Menu Sub-Menu
HD (Historical Data)
RD (Resettable Data)
S-P (Set Price)
C-D (Coin Dump / Coin Fill)
USER (User Options)
STS (Space-To-Sales)
TIME (Time)
DATE (Date)
ESC (Escrow)
LANG (Language)
PROM (Promotional Sales)
ECNT (Electronic Counters)
NF (Note Factor)
CR (Change Rules)
BILL (Bill Only)
LIN (Limited Access) LAOS (Limited Access on Selection)
LAOD (Limited Access on Days)
PER1 (Period 1 Start/End)
PER2 Period 2 Start/End)
RTN (Return)
SEC (Secondary Prices)
S-P2 (Set Secondary Prices)
PR2P (Set Secondary Period)
PR2D (Set Secondary Days)
RTN (Return)
ACD (Set ACD Audit Box)
FREE (Free Vend Enable -5, -6, -7, & -8 selects)
DST (Daylight Savings Time)
DSTR (Daylight Savings Time Rules)
SCE (Small Coin Enable)
COIN (Coin Rules)
SSM (Scrolling Message Mode)
MV (Multi Vend)
RTN (Return)
DIAG (Diagnostics)
SE- (Select Switch Test)
SP- (Sold-Out Paddle Test)
SW- (Sold-Out Switch Test)
MT- (Motor Test)
CM (Coin Mech Test)
NA (Note Acceptor Test)
DSP (Display Test)
VERS (Software Version)
VNDR (Vender Identification)
RTN (Return)
AUTO (Auto Testing)
A. Press & hold buttons 1 & 2 simultaneously to move through the menu from top to bottom.
B. Press select button 1 to move left or right in the menu, depending on the menu prompt on the display.
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If you now have two or more prices in the machine you will see a decimal point because there is no longer a static price to display such as when everything is at the same price.  If the machine still works properly and the display shows the vend prices when you press selection buttons and the credit as money is added then it's working correctly.

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