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DN5591 Not giving power to mech, validation, or display.

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and in need of some guidance.

I recently got a call from a location that was having issues using the dn5591 I have there. Upon arrival I noticed that the refrigeration portion of the machine seems to run, but the coin mech, bill validation, and display are getting no power. I haven't had an issue with this machine before and it is the only dn5591 I have in my fleet. I like it a ton, it's super easy to service. Is it the VCU or harness possibly? I have no spare parts so I will probably be swapping it out for another type of machine.


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Welcome to the forum!


First check that the power connector is plugged into the top left corner of the logic board.  If it is then check all of the fuses in the front of the power supply box.  If one is blown then you need to troubleshoot to find what blew the fuse.  Unplug the coin mech and validator and then replace the bad fuse with the PROPER one.  Power the machine up and if the display is back on then power off and plug the coin mech in by itself.  Power up and if the display stays on then power off and reconnect the validator.  Power up and see if the display stays on. 


If none of the fuses are bad (you sometimes have to ohm them out to be sure) then you might have a bad transformer.  Use your voltmeter set to an AC scale and then start measuring voltages at the white 9 pin connector on the front of your power box.  Pull the plug loose and then note which side has the three points on it.  That side, if it's upright, will be numbered from 1 to 3 across from left to right, then the next row down is 4-6 and the bottom row is 7-9 from left to right.


Using your voltmeter with the machine powered up you should be getting these voltage readings:


Pin 1 to 2 is 24vac.

Pin 1 to 3 is 12vac.

Pin 2 to 3 is 12vac.

Pin 4 to 9 is 24vac.

Pin 5 to 7 is 115vac.

Pin 6 to 8 is 115vac.


If any of these readings vary by more than 10% (more than likely on the low side) then you have a bad transformer.  The 12 volt readings should ideally be about 14 volts and the 24 volt readings should be about 28 volts.  However, you don't want to be lower by more than 10% or the machine won't function.


If you need parts for this you can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.

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I finally had time to get to the machine. I replaced all of the fuses. The middle one had blown, and the 10A one looked roughed up so I just put all new ones in. After I did this however the machine still wouldn't give power to any of the display and coin/bill portions. I did the checkup on the 9 prong power supply. The readings were VERY VERY low. Like 4-5's. I think one of them was 7. ...So I'm assuming the transformer went. I know you said the readings would be on the lower side, but man I didn't expect that! Guess I'm out shopping!

Thanks for your knowledge, please let me know if you think it may be anything else. I'll keep you posted when I get the transformer.

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