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Florida - Sales Tax Sticker

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Somebody work up momentarily in Tallahassee.... the required language on the sticker is so vague that no one reading it could understand it is even about sales tax!!!  Hopefully this will be approved, but as for now better be sure your stickers are on!

Via Vending Marketwatch:


Florida Department Of Revenue Suggests Removal Of Vending Machine Sticker Requirement

Sep 20, 2016

The Florida Department of Revenue has suggested a regulation that requires a sticker attached to all registered vending machines in the state be eliminated as it causes confusion for consumers and has not increased tax compliance, which was the original intention, according to Florida Politics.  

The sticker text explains that the sticker is required on all registered vending machines. If consumers see a vending machine without such a sticker, they are asked to call a toll-free phone number. Consumers are instructed not to call the number for refunds or to report machine malfunctions, but that is exactly what the majority of them do. The fine for not having a sticker that explains that the sticker is required is $250.  

The recommendation to eliminate the need for a sticker will go before Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet at their next meeting.

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4 hours ago, cblomqui said:

Terrible law to begin with. Just shows the disconnect between local legislation and the business of vending.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if the language of the sticker made sense - after all, I am paying my sales tax and the vendors who aren't are getting an (illegal) advantage ... but you can't read the sticker and understand what it is about at all!  And they wonder why they get all the complaint calls about malfunctioning machines -  it's a phone number on the machine in LARGE print and it doesn't explain what it is really about!  Rant over....

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OMG!!  I'm glad I'm not the only one!!   I've been explaining to people for a few years that the sticker is required, but doesn't mean anything.

People keep telling me "that's stupid!"    I agree everytime!!

I had no idea it had anything to do with sales tax.  It doesn't say anything about sales tax.  I pay sales tax and have that stupid sticker on all my machines and I didn't even know it was supposed to have something to do with sales tax.

I just had to rant about it.

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