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AMS 39 Combo Sensit 3 NAMA Health Test?


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So my AMS 39 has suddenly been defaulting to out of service because the temp apparently isn't holding 40 degrees. The machine has health and safety defaults that are on. Apparently they've been on the entire time (7 months) and never had this error till now.

Any ideas as to why?

I did the screen cleaning. Ran a couple self tests.

I'm not vending foods. Just snacks and drinks.

I decided to disable this health and safety sensor.

Yes, no, maybe so?

My concerns are why it's now not holding its temp consistently.



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The last I was told, the AMS combo machines are all the same whether they are setup for food, beverages, snacks, or a combination of them.  The difference is in the setup and the health timer setting.  Obviously, for food, you need a health timer.  For anything shelf-stable, you don't.  So disabling it is definitely a good idea to prevent your machine from being out of service.

About it not going below 40... it could be that you're getting low on refrigerant, an air flow problem, or an air leak.  You should visually check to make sure there's no air leak but I don't see that being the problem as long as you shut the door tight (not way too tight).  Make sure the condenser is clean, make sure the screen is clean, and make sure the machine isn't pushed all the way against the wall if the air flow comes out the back.  I would guess you have a screen that's full of dust or your deck is low on refrigerant but I don't have any AMS machines.  

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If you set the temp to anything above 42 degrees health safety will shut off. Only do that if you are not selling food. As Chris said, make sure distance from wall is about 6 inches, clean screen and condenser fins, look for ice buildup on the evaporator (low freon). If all this is good you could have a bad temp sensor, freon could just be a little low, or there is always the possibility that you are taking too long to service and it doesn't have enough time to pull the temperature down below 41 thus triggering the health safety protocol.

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I do not think changing the software is a long term fix. If you have a refrigerant leak and enough is gone that it cannot hold 42°, it will not be long before it will not keep your soda at 48°

You will need to find and repair the real problem sooner or later.


1 How far from the wall is the back of the machine?

2 Can the machine be unplugged from the wall easily?

3 Are both fans working?

4 When you close the door to the machine a switch is depressed to start the inside fan. Can you hear it with the door closed?

5 Is there any ice on the inside coils?

6 Did you clean the coils with a vacuum and a brush?


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