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Do you clean your gumball machine? If so, how often, and what do you use? If not, here are a few tips on maintaining a sanitary gumball machine. 


When it comes to caring for your gumball machine, periodic cleaning is imperative, not just for appearances sake, but also for good hygiene.

First, you want to make sure the machine is empty; make sure to throw away any product that has expired according to the manufacturer’s label.

Second, for best results, clean your machine using a “dry clean” method. In other words, do not spray any chemicals or cleaners inside the machine. It can contaminate the new product when you restock. However, unscented alcohol-based wipes are acceptable, along with sturdy paper towels and nylon brushes.

Do not use harsh cleaners (i.e. scrubbing powder or scrubbing liquid).

Once you clean the machine, give approximately 24 hours for the machine to dry. Be sure to clean the corners of the inside of the machine. They are difficult to get to, but most bacteria and germs fester in those areas.

For consistency, clean the outside of the machine utilizing the same method. It is important to clean the outside more often because it soils a lot easier. You can also polish the outside of the machine to remove any grease marks, fingerprints or to reduce the appearance of scratches.

What do you use to clean your gumball machine? We want to hear back from you!

Maria Gumball Machine 2.jpg

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Guest Gumball prince

After looking at your picture, you have a bigger problem than cleaning your machine. You have a sign on top saying something about  jelly bean flavors inside and out, yet the machine is loaded with 27 mm bouncy balls. I see a choking hazard that needs to be addressed immediately!!

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