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Have  read the manual before posting about assigning customer select product button to column, however, I have still have an issue of assigning select button to column. If you have a special way or video, let me know.

Not only that, also, the same vending machine came up with the Sold-Out message, which according to the manual, to reset it requires only opening the door.

Tried it several times, however, the message persisted.  Checked the voltage on the door switch and the proper working of the switch, it worked fine. Eventually, got rid of the Sold-Out message through the Error mode method.

Another issue, I thought the machine had, were the first three buttons used for UP, DOWN, ENTER, HOME   etc. not responding every time.  In some menus they respond fast, at other no reaction.  Suspected faulty switch or cable , checked them out, not a problem.

On opening or closing the door, every time, the display would cycle through and display certain information before displaying the greeting message, is this normal ? can not find any information about this condition in the manual.





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