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When a selection sells out there will always one more vend attempt allowed which is when the sold out should be recorded by the logic board.  Only when the machine tries to vend a column and doesn't detect a product drop within 8 seconds does the machine record a sold out condition for that column only.  The credit should then be left on the display with the message to make another selection.  Any further vends from that column will result in a sold out message or a message to make another selection which leaves the credit to be used on another selection.

If your machine isn't recording the sold outs then you might have a mis-wired or bad door switch.  If the switch is wired backwards you could be in the vend mode when the door is open and in the service mode when the door is closed.  The machine will actually vend in this situation but normal messaging won't be working right since the machine thinks the door is open when it's actually closed, therefore defaulting to the service mode.  This could then cause sold outs to be ignored as well as not resulting in a reset of sold outs when the door is closed.   

If the switch is wired properly but not working right then you will not be able to reset your sold outs even though you might have filled the empty columns.  Remember that the product in the columns has nothing to do with the sold out conditions.  Sold outs are only the result of a failed vend detection.

Sold outs are reset every time you close the door which means if you leave columns empty on purpose the machine will allow one vend attempt for each column before recording another sold out condition.

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They are new machines I have received from Coca Cola in the past 6 months. I am not familiar with these particular machines. My best location runs out fast and they give refunds at the front desk. I have 3 of these machines and they all do the same thing. What should I do?

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Here are the configuration codes.  Pay attention to Con 8. 


If (ENTER) is pressed at the “Con” prompt, the controller
will enter the machine configuration mode by displaying
“C1-1,” which designates configuration option number 1.
If (ABORT) is pressed while at the “Cn” level, the
controller will return to the code level. Pressing (UP) or
(DOWN) will allow the selection of available configuration
options. Pressing (ENTER) will change the display to “Cn
X” where “n” is the configuration number and “X” is the
current status of the option. The status is changed using
(UP) or (DOWN). Pressing (ENTER) saves the status of
the current option and returns the user to the “Cn”
prompt, while pressing (ABORT) returns to the “Cn”
prompt without saving. From the “Con” prompt, press
(UP) to proceed to the next prompt “CCOC”.
Royal Vendors recommended E.V.S. configuration
Con 1 - (1) Multi price
Con 2 - (1) Opt features on
Con 3 - (0) Greeting displayed
Con 4 - (0) Open Door Totals disabled
Con 5 - (0) Mis reset
Con 7 - (0) Five minute timer used
Con 8 - (1) Force attempt enabled
Con 9 - (0) Multi purchase disabled
Con 10 - (0) Bill escrow

Here is the sold out test sequence within the test vend menu option.

Sold Out Test
If (ENTER) is pressed at the “SO” prompt, the controller
will enter the sold out test mode. The display will show
“C 1X”, which represents column one, if X is (0) column
one is not sold out and if X is (1) column one is sold out.
Pressing (UP) and (DOWN) cycles through the available
columns. Pressing the (ENTER) button has no action.
Pressing (ABORT) button will return the controller to the
“SO” prompt. Press the (UP) button to proceed to the
next prompt “dSP”.
If none of these setting help you then call Coke to come fix the issues.
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1 Yes this machine will not display sold out until it detects a failed vend attempt.

2 A failed vend should not require a refund from the desk. In the event of a failed vend the customer can select another product or press the coin return for their money back.

3 Sold out selections are in indicator quality poor service. Service the machine more often or get more and bigger machines.


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