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Help with starting Bulk Candy Vending


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Hello Anyone...

I just found this site and need help..

I was going to buy 10 Terminator Uturn, bulk candy machines from Vend Tech...but need to know if anyone has experience with these machines...As I am brand new woman to the vending industry. I need machines that are very easy to service, as I am not tech savvy.....

I am not sure if it is a good deal, if the machines are good, or if I can even get my investment back within a reasonable time frame.   Apparently, they locate and deliver the machines to the various locations...

Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much for any help...


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Well first things first, welcome to the forum!

As far as the uturns, I have about 30 on location plus another 15-20 to locate. A majority I purchased on location and the rest I bought when I first started out. I'm no longer buying them to add to my route. They are time consuming to service(you have to completely disassemble the machine to get to your money plus the money will be scattered all over and not in the collection boxes) and they hold too much candy (most locations won't sell enough to justify 8 selections, let alone 4).

My advice is stay far away from that deal. You can find deals on good used equipment(look for beaver, northwestern and oak brands) out even buy new equipment that has better quality than uturns for a fraction of the price they are trying to charge. 

A few points of reference: 

A new Northwestern Super 60 is about $95 and the pipe stands that it would attach to are around $40. So $230 for brand new equipment that you'll more than likely never have an issue from and it will hold its value for quite awhile. Plus if you wanted someone to locate a home for it, add another $40-50. What are they trying to over charge for the uturns now, I haven't heard. It was $800 at one time. 

Hopefully this points you in the right direction. Definitely do some reading here and you'll find all the info you'll need. 

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HI Quikvend

Oh, how I wish I saw your post to my question, before I bought those 10 Terminnators...

I did not know anyone responded to my post....

I want  to thank you so much for the update....as I now know, that these big machines do not support the amount of traffic is most of the places...

I am so upset about the income potential promised by Vend Tech, though....The salesman, took me for a ride, now I have no choice but to expand, just to pay back my credit card....

Please let me know if you used any locators, and if so, anyone that has done well for you..

I will be on this site more, now that I know it is active, as I only saw posts from 2012 and 2013..


Have a wonderful day and thank you again for all the information...


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Unfortunately, you're not the first and definitely won't be the last to fall for their predatory tactics. 

There are a few locators I've had success with. Where are you located?

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I am in Florida....

Yes, it is unfortunate....but we live and learn..

Now, onto good, used machines....and building up this route...

Where are you located and have you located the other Uturns? 

Did you fnd locations that support these big machines, before our candy spoils?



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If you are looking for a great vending locator, there is one that I use and he has always come through for me with great locations and responds well if there are ever any issues with a location. This locator is Rodney at http://vendinglocator4u.com

The agreement you must sign pretty much states that you will be honest and forthcoming with them about your wants and needs and that you will pay within 48 hours once locations are given to you. I truly can not say enough great things about this company and how they have treated me. I truly don't think I will ever use another vending locator unless this guy quits the business. Good luck!! 


P.S. Sam's Club has these awesome selectvend 3 head candy machines, durable and haven't had any issues with them. A bit pricy, and possibly someone mighth ave a higher quality unit somewhere else for cheaper, but these machines have done well by me. 

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