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Looking for info on Keypad repair

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I'm looking for info on how to reflash the firmware, and whatever else it takes to get a locked up keypad such as the Hantle/Tranax/Genmega keypads and the Hyosung Keypads. I don't know if the newer ones that have "maintenance mode" are any different, but I have many of the B1, B2, 5000k and 6000k models in the field, which pretty regularly, one will stop working and I must spend $150 and have 2-3 weeks of downtime while it gets repaired. Are they not just replacing the battery and then reflashing the firmware? Surely I can do this myself? I'm even willing to pay good money for the equipment or software if required.


I've been servicing and loading ATMs for 7 years now. Getting very frustrated with all the shady repair companies. I call them shady because they charge an arm and a leg for simple repairs and fixes, and guard that simplicity. Some examples are loading software onto mainboards, replacing batteries, password resets, etc. Things that can be done in minutes, yet they charge $100 - $200 for these services. Now, I already know how to load software updates on all the modern machines, I can reset passwords on most keypads and mainboards, pretty much anything that I once was told how to do, I can do it. I'm tech savvy and very DIY when possible.


Now with the keypads, there are people who you can mail these to their apartment address, they will fix it, charge $130. I know it's not a high tech fix. I just need the resources or instructions to do it myself. I've spent probably $3000 in the past few years getting these things repaired. I feel I'm being scammed for my ignorance, but I'm trying to learn better.


Can anyone help?

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As far as Hyosung Pin Pads go, only Hyosung is suppose to inject them.  ATM Equipment will do it (they somehow figured it out).  Most other repair companies will take them in and send them to Hyosung.

Try the basic flash first

Turn off ATM

On the back of the pin pad, turn the 1st DIP switch on

Turn on the ATM, Turn off ATM, turn dip switch off and turn ATM back on.




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