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setting prices on this snack unit

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Press 'set price' on the computer board.

Use buttons 11 & 12 to establish the price you want to set.

Press the selection number(s) where you want that price to be.

Use buttons 11 & 12 to establish another price, or close the door. Door switch must be functional.

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Press the set price button on the board  then use the 13 and 14(or 11 and 12 I can't remember which 2) buttons to increase or decrease the price. One you get to your desired price press the selection number(s) you want for that price. You can continue adding to the price and assigning to selections as you go. Hit the set price button to save. 

So to change f1 to 75 cents for example: 

Hit set price

Hold 14(or 12) button on keypad until it reads 75 cents

Press f1

Hit set price to save

You can use the check price button to verify. 

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