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Is anyone doing Vending Gone Wild? by Bill Way?

vendingfora cause

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vending gone wild , healthy smart mart and Bill Way are a total scam. 

This is why :

1. They claim to make no money at first and they want to charge $5000 per market upfront, for roughly a $1200 cooler, a $150 rack and a $600 phone app system .Lie #1, a $3000 lie.

2.They want to ship you all your units (4 or 8) upfront, WITHOUT having your locations secured!! (lie#2 : you would save money on the shipping..good one)

3. They claim that you dont need a business license to operate a vending business!! (Lie #3 , big one)

4. An phone appointment with Bill Way consists of him running his mouth on how trustworthy he is, and that his number one goal is to help the customers (you) and when you ask questions, he s super annoyed and divert to other subjects!!

5. Great example of a question that made him super annoyed : How do you make your money ( if not on selling me machines)

Answer : on the back end, I get 1/2 % of the credit card, but you dont feel it because I have secured a better rate for my customers.

Really, so Thats all you're getting, 1/2 %?


How many locations you have? 600

What is the monly average revenue per location? $1700

ok, 600 times 1700 is 1,020,000$ great. half a percent of that is....$5100...a month..Thats all that you are getting?

grrr..(annoyed) no, we are also going to get a revenue on digital screens and advertisements etc,, (mind you there are No digital screens on the cooler..lol.. they're gonna do it..lol

But you have been doing this particular program what..a year? how do you support the company at that rate??

Grrr hes pissed.. Well I have worked 48 years, I have my own money...

You mean to tell me that with your 600 operators making a million a month you're only getting..5 grands!! that makes no sense!! You might as well have you own route and make 20k a month with 16 machines..(per his calculations..without a business license!!)

grrrr hes fuming...Well we are going to have 10 000 operators in one year, so thats when we are going to make the money.. ( lie #4, that chat started in 2017, he still only has 600 operators now in 2021 -probably a lie- what makes him think he will acquire 10 000 in a year???

Also, 10 000 times $1700 is 17 millions. Even with that Ginormous gross, he would only make 85k a month!! Thats a lot of money to leave on the table!! Or he's a COMPLETE LIAR, and hes got an ulterior motive, like SCAMMING PEOPLE of 3000$ a market by giving them a $2000 value for $5000..

In that case, every 10 markets hes making $30 000...which is a lot more money than is 1/2 percent/...

I still dont understand this guys game...either hes really bad at math or hes really short in cash, but this whole thing makes no sense.

Also, lie #157..he s the leader in the 50 to 300 employee niche.

Wrong!! search the net, there are at least 20 companies that sell micro market concept, a fair one for example gives you 17 feet of display and 2 coolers for 5 grands!! And their "mini" , the size of Bill Way, only cost $2000!!

Yeah baby..BUSTED!!

Also, and most importantly, Bill Way has a book coming out, and literally said, in his self service diatribe, that its going to be a hit, and that it is already written,,,,by a ghost writer!!! Waow!!

Hes releasing a book written by someone else!! How low do you stoop???

So for whoever is thinking of working with anything Bill Way, do your homework and ask questions!! (he hates it!!

Good Day!!!

PS : as an added bonus : there is a company called Healthy you vending, they sell a smart mart, Bill stole their name!! Hahahaah

When asked , he said he knew them very well..(They ve been in business 20 years with that name!!LMAO!!)

You 're welcome.

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