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12oz Red Bull slim vs sleek can set up


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I'm looking for a little help from those of you that have experience vending the 12oz sugar free Red Bull cans.  I have a DN 501T machine, I think, serial tag gone when I got it (three wide columns and 5 single columns 3 standard cans deep).  see photos

I would like to set it up to vent the narrow Red Bull 12oz can, but I'm not even sure if they are called Sleek or Slim in the USA.  I looked on Dixie Narco's sight for the package setup and found this,


but honestly, I have no Idea what it means.  I so new to this venture, but just placed my first location on Saturday and I am already getting requests for Red Bull.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?  Do I need to buy more shims, adjust the rods? not even sure how to do that.  I know can only load them 2 deep and will have to move the back plate forward, but the shimming and rods and cams are a bit foreign to me.  I currently have black plastic shims that are a little wider on one end placed in the columns (It is set up for standard cans). Any help is greatly appreciated!



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