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Wittern 3510 Coinco BP4SX Bill and Mars 7512


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Is there any issue with mixing different brands on Bill validator and Coin accepter.

Plan on using

Coinco BP4sx Validator (Set to take up to 20s)

Mars 7512i Coin acceptor (2x.25 1x.10 1x.05 1x1.00)

I have 2 coils set for the customer supplied items that I charge 20 dollars each.

Figured I would be asked the machines are on a gun range and the ***** fields use a NFC cards with preloaded amount of targets on it. I also have a voice activated Mics that the cub supplies me and I just take a cut from the sales of them

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You can mix and match any MDB coin mechs and bill acceptors.  At a $20 price you should put a credit card reader on it as well as add another dollar coin tube to the coin mech, especially if you have other high dollar items in the machine.  You should know that a bill acceptor that says it takes up to a $20 bill doesn't mean it will.  If it hasn't been flashed with the latest software then it might only be capable of accepting the non-colored 20's which are out of circulation now. 

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