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Northwestern Flat Keys


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Hello all!

I'm newbie to this site (found it by googling "bulk vending keys") I recently bought 6 Northwestern machines from a friend and just found out this company is no longer in business.. :( My daughter (13) has done a bit of research on this type of business and was really amazed by it so now its up to me to contact a lock company that produces these locks & keys... Anyone know a lock company? I know I can buy them from ebay or amazon but we rather go through a lock company just in case if we have any more needs (we have a vending machine her father bought for our garage so it would be cool to work on it as well) ;D  


*crossing my fingers this post gets seen* Thank you all! 


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2 hours ago, The Mage said:

Well here are 2 companies Lock America - https://www.laigroup.com/accessories-high-security-hasps-vending-locks-padlocks.php

and  Camlock - https://www.camlock.com/EN-US/bulk-vending-locks 

It's always nice having all your locks keyed the same. 

Thank you so much! I called Lock America and spoke to Robert but he said he did not have anything for Northwestern (he didn't know what Northwestern was) ..  They have a bulk vending flat key lock but he's not sure about the measurements or if it would fit my machine. 

I called Baton and spoke to a young lady named Laurie. Apparently they are now carrying this lock and reassured me it would fit our machines. I guess she could still sense how doubtful I was after speaking with Robert, so she offered to send me pictures of the lock and a sample. :) 

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