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What the heck is this?


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Used the search function on here, have gone through the copy of the Dixie manual I have, not sure what this part is or what it does....

This circuit board and chip is stuck in the evaporator of a DN 5591 -  below it you can see the wire for the defrost control, and the curly q end for the cold control is up above this thing - so it is not the defrost control or the cold control.

Temp sensor?  why so many leads coming off it....

Probably something basic I should already know, but drawing a blank here....


DN 5591 part.gif

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1 hour ago, AZVendor said:

That is a temperature sensor.  A little more advanced than a capillary tube.   Is it a third sensor in the evaporator?  It probably has a thermistor on it.

Yep - that makes three sensors at the evaporator:

The cold control - curly q end that is a couple inches from the evap, not touching anything (can't see it in the picture)

The defrost control - that is the one you can see in the picture below the temp sensor stuck into the evap

The temperature sensor - little circuit board and chip also stuck into the evap.

Does anyone have a part number for this temp sensor?  Is this something Dixie Narco installed from the factory?  I can't find it in any of the manuals I have....

If the temp sensor fails would it keep the compressor from starting?  (still trying to figure out what is keeping the compressor from starting - works fine when plugged in directly)

Do I need this part?  Seems redundant if I already have a cold control and defrost control....


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