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Replacing Conlux 3140 bill validator


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Hello, I have a machine with a Conlux 3140 bill validator, it's been giving me trouble and I'd like to replace it. Is there another type of validator that will be more reliable? I see Conico and MEI Mars some say 110V some say 24V, I'm not sure what is compatible, or if some models are better than others, thank you in advance.

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24 minutes ago, Snoopy said:

What machine is the validator in......(Dixie Narco 501E...Vendo....Royal), if I knew, I could tell you.

It's a Wittern 3500 drink machine, sorry did not know that info was needed.

I also have a Wittern 3509 snack machine with a VTI MX-D-D2-USD 42V DC validator, would I be able to take that and put it in the drink machine for the short term?


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