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Does anyone know what kind of monitors are used in customkade multitudes?


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I wanted to go to the manufacturer but cannot find any contact information on his website.


I ordered 3 machines over a year ago. Just got around to using them now. One of the monitors is bad. I'm not blaming the manufacturer because they've sat for over a year before being turned on. I just want to know what the part is because I need a new one.


No product numbers or anything that can be seen on the  monitor. There is some wood holding it in that may be blocking numbers. I would just rather contact the manufacturer before going at it with a screwdriver.

Another thing that would be helpful is to give me the manufacturers contact info as I know he's a regular on this website.

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I know this is going to be a stretch but I'm looking at buying some blazing quarters machines and had some questions. Tried calling the number on ron's website and some lady answers that has no idea who Ron is. I've received no response from my email to blazingquarters@gmail.com is he still building machines? Any information would be appreciated

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