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Can anyone identify this fuji machine


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Judging from the coin mech you are either in Oz or NZ. To my knowledge there isn't a Fuji factory rep in the country. 

There are a couple of companies that import refurbished Fuji machines, but they are really only the current or 1 generation old machines.

If I had to guess at the machine you are looking at, it is probably pre 1980 (I can recall a serpentine coke machine we had at work in 1990 that was more modern than this one).

Really you are just either going to have to nut it out yourself, or try to find a retired tech who may have worked on one 30+ years ago.

You could try contacting Fuji, but it appears they don't have any legacy support on their website (certainly none in English) and given the fact that in Japan it is mandatory to retire/scrap machines after 7-10 years I doubt if they would bother.

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