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I had all my keys stolen and am reaching out in hopes I can get my hands on even just one! 

Anyone have Beaver keys? S2 and S29 flat, B205, A906, A5120 flat or tubular (can't remember) 

Tubular - 5224, 8075, 8252, 8434, 8504,

Flat - EC 102, SA104, SA115, 217, 695, A005

Half circle - 188 (Challenger crane) 

Willing to pay for them and for your time searching of course... If you recognize any key codes, please give me any info you have on where to find a duplicate. 

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4 minutes ago, iceebear19727 said:

A906 or A5120 I don't know which one

not those codes, the "cut codes" every groove is a code for the key, there should be 7 grooves, I can make key from that, do you have the original ones?

if not, your best bet is to get at least 1 set of each from beaver, and then have a locksmith cut it

if you do, I can get you the codes for them

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On 1/5/2018 at 12:14 AM, NYCandyMan said:

Be really careful, in some places its a felony to have those in your vehicle without a locksmith's license.

Then your even more fucked.

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@iceebear19727yes, there are 6, 7, and 8 pin, the common one is 7pin

@orsd you are correct, if its your machine, youll have to prove it, otherwise youre in deep golpher, but ive never has a problem, usually what I do is make the key first, then I open it, but only with permission if it doesn't belong to me, I do get service call sometimes, and I will charge for the keys

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