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Selling a vending account.

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I’m looking to sell one of my accounts and am not sure what the best way to go about it is. Do I need to talk to the location manager and let him know that I’m looking to sell or should I just start calling other vending operators. Also, how do you correctly evaluate what it’s worth? This is a hotel location that has 6 machines and does between $400-$700 a week. There is no cold food or coffee machines just snack and drinks. The equipment is 4 USI,  1 Vendo 821 , and an AP 110 with a revision door. Any advice would be great. Thanks. 

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Normally you will not involve the location, as they might misunderstand and bring in another vendor or try to get otherwise involved.  Once you have done the deal you can introduce the new operator to them as you see fit, just in the normal course of business. 

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