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Bevmax 3651

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Just bought bevmax 3651 plugged it in fine then started beeping screen saying remove product so I disabled drop sensor and put jumper on fine no beeping did money vend product dropped and then gave my money back.why did it do that

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Stoopid to bypass the drop sensor.  The sensor - you should have two on a newer machine like this - allows you to ensure that no money is lost when a product is not dropped.  You do this by properly aligning the sensor then setting the Retry Limit to 2 or 3 which means a customer will be allowed at least one additional or two additional vend attempts before the machine either serves their product or gives them the money back if no vend was made.  You are doing a disservice to your customers to not have this feature operable.  If you can't get the sensor to line up then replace it with a new one that will have a LED light shining through the recovery unit so you can aim it properly.

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