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DNCB 432T/252-6 - looking for correct shims!!

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Hello all, I’ve been reading through the forums and searching around and I think I have an odd model to try and get the correct 12oz can shims for. I realize it’s an older model, and I found shims from DS Vending (801.804.390.21) for what I’m now thinking is the double depth model- since the only manual I could fine refers to the taller- double depth 432 model and I couldn’t figure out how to get the shim to fit no matter what I position I tried.

To recap- 432T model need to know what the correct shims are -AND if they are available somewhere and hot to install them.

This machine is for my garage as a retirement (military) gift to myself  just looking to vend 12oz beverages  


Thanks all.






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AZ Vendor- Thank you so much!! I’m glad it’s a common item and I’ve seen them for sale. I just didn’t know the those shims were ‘universal’ for the triple depth DN machines.


Thanks again.


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