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Love the forum! Great info! 

Just picked up my first vending machine a Dixie-Narco 368 coke 

7 button 8 column  single price

unit is perfectly cold but the loading instructions are worn out and I can not find a user manual anywhere. Have a few questions 

1. loading instructions. What button goes to each column.. lol sorry newbie 

2. Service manual? Looking to see how to check each vending motor, buttons etc

3. Flavor labels size or template..  I’m going to print my own


thank you all for your help



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Selections are probably like this:

(. 2. ) (7) (6) (5) (4) (3) (. 1. ,) (. 1. )

That's 3 wide columns and 5 narrow.  First two wide columns are probably selection 1 and they alternate.  The third wide column (far left) is selection 2, and then the narrow columns are selections 3-7 (from right to left).

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No, it's not a 501T Chris.  A 368 has 4 wide and 4 narrow columns.  In a Coke configuration with only 7 buttons, button 1 controls and alternates columns 1 and 2 on the far right then each of the next buttons goes to col 3-8 in that order.  The machine is single price so the pricing is inside the coin mech.  Push up the coin acceptor locks on the top corners of the coin mech and the acceptor can be pulled down to expose the pricing switches.  The far left switch is .05 and each switch moving right doubles in value.  Turn on the switches that total the vend price you want to set your price.



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