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Well la dee da.  The two fields have nothing in common except that both require good troubleshooting skills.  What else makes you qualified for vending repair?  I hope you're working for a vending company where someone can actually teach you how vending machines work and get properly repaired.  It would be like leaving the printing industry and deciding "I'll be a car mechanic."  If you're not being trained by someone then your customers are paying for your learning curve - not professional.  Obviously you are mechanically inclined as I am.  I also worked in the printing business for a few years.  Just something that I enjoyed because I like machines, much like you I suppose.  


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Honestly vending repair isn't rocket science most of the time.

The repairs themselves are pretty straightforward, and so is like 80-90% of the troubleshooting.

But that 10-20% of the time where its not a real common problem, that's where experience counts. And what separates the good techs from the ok.

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