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Denting bottles


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Hello sorry for the probably simple question but I'm still very new! I got a dixie narco (I think 501e or 348/414e) a few weeks ago and I'm making sure everything is working 100% before I put it on location. My issue is that with my water bottles (16.9 oz at first then switched to 20 oz) they are getting a dent in them when they dispense. I'm also not able to stack my water bottles high maybe 6 or 7 high or they will start to be uneven with the row behind it (2 rows of bottles per column) and will lead to a jam. I tried to switch a better plastic water but still the same two issues! Dent and not being able to stack high. 

Any help is much appreciated!! Like I said I am pretty new so sorry if not much help!

Also what types of water do you guys use? (Size and brand) Thanks again!!

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What brands have you tried?

I use a local water that vends pretty well but the only bottles that are guaranteed to work are Aquafina, Dasani, Deja Blue 20oz and Arrowhead/Deer Park/Ice mountain/ Poland Springs/ Zephyrhills/ Ozarka 16 oz.

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You have soft bottles caused by purchasing bottles that are soft when warm on the shelf.  When cold they just get softer.  That is why the 16.0 oz bottles from all but the Aquafina or Dasani brands are recommended.  You can use Aquafina or Dasani but they must be bottles that are firm when warm meaning they have been injected with nitrogen to firm them up for vending.  They can sometimes but not reliably found in grocery stores from time to time.  Because of that rarity you should use the 16.0 oz bottles in the other brand names.  They are ribbed bottles which makes them firm. 

No grocery brand or Nestle or Costco/Sams bottles.

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