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Victor Gumball Machine / Lock

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I recently bought a used gumball machine with a Victor front, but it is missing the entire lock mechanism.  I have two questions: does anyone know where to get that lock / what will fit?    

Second question: I want to up the price from a quarter to more, does anyone know if its possible to swap out the entire payment mechanism for something that can take either paper bills or something that can take silver dollars (or tokens)?   Thanks so much for your help, so grateful to have this forum as a resource. 



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Unfortunately, there aren’t many parts available for Victors anymore. They’ve been out of business for many, many years now, and so new parts are unobtanium, so your only real option is used off eBay.

The lock is the easiest to get. I never ran any Victors like that but judging by the lock hole I’m guessing it used a cam lock. A locksmith shout be able to get one with the right dimensions.

As for the coin mech, Victor has been gone for so long that many of their mechs are for 25 cent vends (or even nickle or dime) because that was the max vend price people were willing to pay in that time period. You might find some 50 cent (2 quarter) mechs but you are very unlikely to find dollar coin or token mechs (I’m not even sure if they were ever even made). As for dollar bills, forget it. The only systems out there use an electronic bill acceptor in a box that mounts to a rack of bulk machines, with a solenoid or something to unlock the mechs after money is inserted and a selection is made. And those were very expensive and so never really took off, and were only really made for other machines. Plus, they weren’t really drop in retrofits.

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