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BevMax 4 / 5800


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Hi all,

Very odd problem.  dn5800 on site for over a year.  No problems.  All the sudden we are finding the machine randomly going into an odd state where the LED display (once a day or every other day) goes blank and the keypad is not responsive. The rest of the machine is on--Compressor /Lights.  The nayax credit device is also on but in "cash only" mode.  Seems like the machine is losing internal communication? The credit device log message at the time the machine enters this state says....MDB POLL STOPPED...........A simple machine power down/up fixes the problem temporarily.


I have already swapped out the logic board.  Same problem.  I also swapped the nayax device thus eliminating that as well. 

What else can it be??? Any ideas???  



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