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Who pays for it?  Do I or does Payrange? Reason I ask is because payrange seems to push it hard with included decals and on the app during initial signup.  I thought the owner could opt out as I was on the fence of offering it, but if payrange is paying for it I'll buy the equipment.

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I went back and checked, it looks like you pay for it but can deactivate the program.  The below came from payrange on 7/22/19:


The New User Program is something many operators activate when installing PayRange on their machines. The program offers a faster sign-up process with only a phone number required, and it offers the user a first purchase free to try. Operators typically experience "conversion" rates over 95%; conversion defined as those users who then fund and spend more.

Depending upon your industry we have “Free Play”, “Free Vend”, and “Free Laundry” decals available to promote this feature to consumers. It helps to get them to download PayRange and use it for the first time on the machine.

Here’s a brief video on how to activate this program: https://youtu.be/_rLqodV9G8Y.

And if you need more decals, you can get them here: https://shop.payrange.com/product-category/marketing-sales/.

What’s important to remember about this program, is that once you add the decals to your machines, consumers will expect the program to be active. If you disable the New User Program, please be sure to immediately remove the decals from your machines. Not doing so is a surefire way to turn a positive user experience bad. And we see this as one of the common complaints app users have about PayRange, that they didn’t get the reward offered.

Our best practice recommendation is to always have the New User Program active. It ensures you can convert consumers to mobile, who in turn will spend on average more than cash users.


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Great thanks for the info.  Only reason I ask is because I am considering one on a fairly active machine that is mainly a captive audience, however it is open to the public also and I don't want every random person that happens to walk past to get a free candy bar.

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