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Vendo V264M-148 Freezing issue


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I picked up a Pepsi Soda Machine from a local seller - $100 which seemed fair considering its in good condition.  He openly told me it has a freezing issue and he didnt have the time to troubleshoot it. 

The vend buttons, coin op, motors....all is well but I need to get a handle on this cooling situation.   Here's what I know:


1)  I've adjusted the thermostat all the way counter clockwise (assumable to zero) and didnt hear the compressor turn off.  I moved it all the way clockwise to see if that changed anything - NOPE.  The compressor runs and runs.  

2) After 20 minutes the machine is colder than my freezer and the condenser wires and items are covered in frost.   I've read that it might be an air issue but with the thermostat not shutting the compressor off...maybe thats where to start?  

3) I placed 2 Gatorade bottles (half full of water) and the machine can freeze those in a few hours.  CRAZY cold.

Separate item: 

1) It seems that it might be set for bottles.....and I dont have shims that came with it.   Maybe I need to alternate the can stacks??  Either way -- The motors seem to move around 10% with a coin, then 90% on the next coin.  Does that sound like its set up for cans?  I believe there is a 1 or 2 option on the cam but haven't ventured there yet.  Still working on the freezing part first.


Thank you for any advice. I picked up a early 1980's Dr Pepper machine a few months that works perfectly....(except for a Coinco CREM that is buzzing and needs to be replaced).  This pepsi machine is for my parents garage and all their grandkids.


Newbie over here so glad to be talking to so many Pros!!   Better than a $150 trip from a local repair man.



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Bad thermostat. Make sure you put a true Vendo thermostat back in it and remove the evaporator shroud so you can get the capillary tube reinstalled the same way it is now. It should be looped through a plastic clip. Make sure the cap tube doesn't touch any metal.

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Thanks guys.  I have one other thought. The main plug runs to an electrical outlet type box and it seems to be faulty (the fan is plugged into its own extension cord rather than that small box). The thermostat wires come from that same junction box and I’m wondering if - perhaps- the thermostat isn’t getting power.   Going to pull the two leads and test it today.  If the thermostat isn’t getting power then it might be good and I may need to replace that box.  All other functions work however so seems that it is fine.  Will update you. 

lastly - having a hard time finding this exact replacement.  There are other vendo thermostats in the market - do you think they would work?


thanks again for the input.  

That plug in doesn’t work but all wires coming out do - need to manually test the thermostat ones   E8815FBF-B5D1-488E-B2BF-D36BF9EE275F.thumb.jpeg.ed157440869249c812b3e5f21933889c.jpeg

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