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I need help identifying machines


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Hello, I'm freshly (like today) new to this site and I have no clue if I'm using it correctly so I apologize ahead of time and any help would be appreciated.  We recently purchased a few snack & drink machines.

They must have been manufactured in the early 90's. I don't know where to look for a brand name or model number or anything! All I can see is the type of change dispenser it has. Where do I look? 

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It depends on the model but usually you'll find model and serial numbers in a few common places.  Some of those places are inside the cabinet in the upper left side, on the left side of the door, or on the back of the machines.

You can also post pictures.  We can identify just about any American made machine on this forum just from pictures.  We also recommend that you send pictures of the electronics inside the machine as it's useful information if you would like to know more about the machines.  If they are foreign machines, we may or may not be able to identify.  Some foreign machine manufacturers claim to be American made when they barely are.

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