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New to Vending/Questions about Vendo Machines


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Hi Everyone,

New to the vending machine game. We purchased four already placed machines. Two snack machines and two drink machines.

I have tons of questions but most pressing right now is that we we have a Coca-Cola branded Vendo 721 and we want to add items to the last two columns but we need to change the depth settings of the columns but the default password of 4231 isn't working. It's also not clear if this machine only takes a 4-digit password or if it takes up to 6.

The sticker on the board says vec 12.4 Rev 50 the display shows vmc 12.6 rev 17 when you close the door.

Is it possible to try some other default password or reset the password? I'm worried about resetting the entire machine as I don't know what we'd have to do to make sure everything works properly again especially regarding the eport and refrigeration.

Any help would be really appreciated.




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Keep in mind that you may not actually own those machines.  It's possible that Coke still owns them, especially if there are Coke asset tags still on them.  The password should still work but it could be that you are making the ENTER command incorrectly.  Some machines need ENTER pressed before the password and some require it after the password.  And then Coke does whatever they want.

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Try your password and then press #4.    SInce the firmware on the display is reading 12.6, but the board is labelled 12.4, I would expect that someone changed the eprom on the board.  12.6 programming is specific to Coke.   

Knowing that Coke and Pepsi generally don't sell equipment but lease it under contract to purchase their products, you should reach out to the local cake bottler and ask.  At least then you'll know.  It's not hard to believe that someone sold you a location and their snacks machines and just didn't mention that the drink machines weren't theirs to sell.   If the bottler changed the password, they'll be able to share the current one to reset.  

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Hi thank you both for your advice. @Vendo Mike your suggestions worked we were able to reach out to Coke and I was able to get in by entering 2-3-1-4 which could also be written as 2-3-1 Enter.

I think we're good for now. We definitely have more questions but I'll look around the forums before posting.

Thanks again!


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Guys I just secured my first location today. Two machines already there. A vendo snack machine and a vendo Pepsi machine (v480p)


the Pepsi machine will not give change. Drinks cost $1.50 but if a patron puts in $2 it won’t give them the change 

many suggestions as to what it may be? 

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This should be it's own thread.  No reason to piggyback on an unrelated thread. 

So many reasons, so little information, so little time.....  Quarters stuck in the quarter tube (try manually paying them out), machine set to multivend (check that setting in the programming), coin mech not working and machine defaults to bills only (does it accept coins), etc.

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