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Some questions regarding bill validators and coin mech’s


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I have a vendo 511 I am looking to upgrade the bill validator and get a new coin mech for and I have couple of questions.

1. Do I need a 24v or 110v. (The machine is about 35 miles from me so I can’t go check right now) 

2. if I got a validator that accepted $5-20 would the validator give the customer money back if they bought one $1.00 item? 

3. What is a good quality coin mech to go with the Mars bill validator? My current one is not accepting .05 at the moment.

4. Where is a good place to buy these. I am wary of eBay due to not getting them from a reputable source. There are a lot of websites but don’t want to buy from a scam website.

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If you aren't running MDB then you need a 110v coin mech and bill acceptor.  I would recommend that you call Vendtronics in Phoenix but you can also call Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending which are both in Cleveland.  All are good suppliers.  Vendtronics is a Mars distributor.  If you accept more than a $5 bill you will have change payout issues as your coin mech only has three tubes of coins.  The logic board in the machine can run MDB but getting a MDB harness for it might be hard to find now.  Again, Vendtronics may have one for you.  If you go MDB then you can run any MDB coin mech and validator but I would recommend a Mars CF7512 which has 5 coin tubes and then a Mars VN2500 validator that accepts new currency.

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You can get a bill recycler validator for MDB machines from Crane if you want, they can be set to give change in ones or fives (but not both).  I tried them on several higher price item machines without too many issues, but found there was little customer use for tens and twenties anyway, especially with cashless.  Most people will not put larger bills into a strange machine.  You can get a 7000 series changer with a cassette that will also hold dollar coins, and that will handle a large volume of five's nicely (again, for an MDB machine). 


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