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Dixie narco bill acceptor


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I am a member of a volunteer Rescue Squad. We have a Pepsi soda Vending machine, it has a Dixie Narco bill acceptor it stopped taking bills. I don’t know much about vending machines.  I bought a replacement MEI bill acceptor off eBay that says it should replace the USA Dixie narco bill acceptor. When I plug it into the machine there is no power to the unit.  Can someone help me! 

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No power at all. The lights don’t power up and it doesn’t cycle. 

this is what I purchased. 

MEI Mars bill acceptor VN 2511 (VN 2000 series) for beverage, snack, and any type of vending or amusement machine.
- 110/117 volts
 Comes with 2 in 1 harness: power harness and data harness, which combine into 1 connector with 12 pins 
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12 hours ago, Vendo Mike said:

Just to be clear regarding power to the DBV, does the DBV cycle (run transport and stacker motors one time) when the machine is powered up?   Are there any lights flashing on the rear lower track? 

Can a USA validator be upgraded to a 2500 series???


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