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Vendo pepsi machine fix up


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20220101_134607.thumb.jpg.28a2ae9630d04098eb5a5c9113d0f144.jpg20211214_162405.thumb.jpg.8d9a39e7d03313782b1a993a513e298e.jpgHey guys! I'm so happy I found this site.  I have an 80's vendo pepsi machine.  It keeps everything cold and lights work.  I have some questions as I know nothing about vending machines.  First, I'm wondering if there is a way to change it to free. I will include pics when i figure out how to.   I don't know what year or model it is.  The second is, when paying the 50 cents, it only gives a soda every other time you put money in.  Thanks

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It's probably a garbage lowering shelf machine. It sounds like your timing cams are set wrong. If you aren't using 12 oz cans then that is the issue. If they are 12 oz cans then your cams probably have tabs broken off if someone else tried to vend some bottles. You can't buy the cams any longer. As to free vending, just search for free vend online or in our downloads section. It would be simpler if you just set the coin mech price to .05 and keep a cup of nickles on top of the machine. Again, this is probably a junky machine that will be very problematic for you. 

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