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Beer bars want snack machines...I need help lol :D


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A local owner of 4 beer bars here in Idaho approached me asking to put in snack machines.  In exchange if I handle that for her, she'll let me take over the vending for all 4 locations (pool tables, full arcade, atms, etc.).  

What snack machine would you guys recommend?  2 locations are right next to me (11 and 17 minutes drives) but the other 2 locations are far away (1 hour and 2 hours).  I'd obviously prefer to not do the snack machines, but in exchange getting to do the pool/atm/arcade/everything else, it's worth it to make her happy.  I'm hoping to find a larger capacity machine so hopefully I don't have to service it more then once a month, and with a credit card reader so I can track inventory levels remotely.  The other 2 locations I'm fine with smaller capacity machines as I service other accounts right next to them all the time.

Thanks in advance everyone :D (no soda, that's the only thing I can't vend lol)

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If the 2hr away location is worth it, you’ll want to fill/service it at the very least every 2 weeks.

a month is a long time to push a snack machine. Most only have 10 per spiral. Which could be sold out after 3 days on a good loc.

why not try and place a few more machines around the one that is 2 hours away so you can service it weekly. One day a week drive two hours, spend 4 hours restocking machines in the same area, and then 2 hour drive home.

i hate leaving machines for much more than a week. Even if they have online telemetry. Couple of ours we push 10 days to 2 weeks but that’s the very max and watch data online closely to make sure we are there before more than a couple items sell out.

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I would only do it with the caveat that if the snacks don't sell enough you can pull them.  So have a plan for what to do with them later before you agree to do this.  Put this all in an agreement that the location signs.  It's unlikely you will sell much so if you don't want to pull them and you make a gold mine on the other stuff you can take a loss on the snacks.

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