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Is my line tap leaking?


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This is now the 3rd time in three years I’ll have to recharge this machine due to evaporator icing up. Each time the technician comes he says he cannot find a leak, just recharges, and it works well for about a year.

machine is a narrow usi 6 selection. Older version of the cb300. Cannot remember the exact model#.

what’s the white crusty stuff along side the line tap? Should I have the tech put on a new tap before he recharges this time?



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  Line taps  (Saddle Valves) are known to leak so that's where I would look for a leak first. They are only supposed to be a temporary means of accessing the system for recovery. A service tap or crimped stem should have been installed.   Assuming it's still holding pressure above ambient, you should be able to spray any spot you think is leaking with soapy water and watch for bubbles.  Do not do this while it's engaged or you stand the chance of pulling moisture into the system if you're spraying on the suction lines.

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