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Programing Vendo 540 Pepsi machine


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Working on a Vendo 540 pepsi machine for the first time. Need to test vend a few columns and may need to set some prices. I found a manual for a Vendo 5.0 which shows programming and pricing procedure using mode switch. Since I cant find specific v504 info. is this 5.0 info the same or similar. First time with a vendo multi price machine. Thanks.

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oh magoo, you've done it again.  i tried to reprogram VMAX 9.3 and created a monster. For instance, select a button three times and get three different sodas!!

I swear I chose option 1 and tried to save but even if it didn't save the original option setting is gone. 

Not sure but think the vendo was working at default setting of option 3.

Tried to use custom but couldnt figure out how to get past selection 2.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is a reset button or something to get me back to factory setting option 3?


thanks for your help!


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I'm not aware of a factory reset for 9.# boards from programming.  If you have a second board with a different firmware (i.e 9.1 vs 9.3), you can follow the following steps and it should reset the board.  You will lose all previous programming.  If you are familiar with swapping plcc chips, you are at risk of damaging the eprom or board rendering them useless so be careful. 

Your best option is to revisit your Space to Sales (StS), clear everything and restart. I usually write down the config I'm targeting on a piece of paper to help keep myself straight.  Custom StS can be a pain. 

Power down

Remove the eprom labeled at VEC 9.#

Install another eprom with different firmware and power up

Allow to initialize and then power down 

Reinstall the initial eprom and power up.  

Begin reprogramming the machine.  If this worked, your pricing and StS should be back to factory settings.  

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ok, this sounds promising and thank you for your timely reply. I'll attempt to provide more in depth information. I'm a new club manager for an Alano group, nonprofit, like  really poor nonprofit.  I was hoping to add a couple new choices to their beverage machine, hoping to possible increase some sales, thus an attempt to reprogram the machine to allow two more selections.  Thats when everything went wrong. The machine is a 12 selector.  I'm not able to get the machine to accept any of the preprogrammed options, 1-6.  Selection 1and 2 rotate thru columns 1,2. Selection 11 and 12 rotate through column 10.  The other selections, 3 thru 10 rotate thru columns 3,4 and 7.  Nothing I've done will change.  I called tech support at Vendo Sanden, spoke with the same technician, twice, he suggested the reset by powering down and then while holding selections 1 and 4 down, to power up, all the while holding down the aforementioned selections until the machine displayed the option to reset.  i couldnt get that to work. He eventually subsided to "you have a bad board!"

Anyway, I'm not familiar with an eprom device, let alone changing it out.  I'm somewhat tech saavy but have no experience with this application.


Thanks again for your help.

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Yes, 9.3 is the correct firmware for the VMAX HVV. 

I didn't think the (Button 1&4) reset worked on Vmax but was specific to V21 serious although I could be mistaken.  If George in tech service said it works then you can feel confident.  He's been with Vendo over 30 years.  I tell everyone he was built in the back of the building in Fresno.  Space to sales programming is below.  You should also go to Config and make sure this is set as a 12 button machine as opposed to 6 button.  There should be a label giving StS Preset Options to simplify what you're trying to accomplish.


Space to Sales
Allows you to program which column will vend when you choose a desired selection button. There are 
6 preset configurations (See inner door label for preset options). You also have the option of 
doing a custom space to sales. To change current setting:
•  Press (2) at Space to Sales prompt
•  Press (2) to change current setting
•  Press (1) to scroll through available settings
•  Press (2) to save setting
•  Press (3) to exit mode
To customize your space to sales:
•  Press (2) at Space to Sales prompt
•  Press (2) again to get the option to flash
•  Press (1) until the display reads Space to Sales – Custom
•  Press (2) and the display will show Selection 3 and what is currently attached
•  To change a selection assignment, press (2)
•  To maneuver through the columns, press (1)
•  To assign (flashing) or unassign (no flashing/steady) columns, press (2)
•  Pressing (3) will ask Save?
•  Press (2) to save and (3) to exit the mode

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is this the process for custom programming?


Custom Space-to-Sales Setting mode If any selection button is pressed at the “CSSS” prompt, the controller will enter the Custom Space-to-Sales option. Upon entry into this setting the display will show the current selection setting followed by the columns connected to that selection button. CSSS Programming Connection Option If any selection button is pressed for more then 3 seconds while at the “CSSS” prompt the controller will enter the Custom Space-to-Sales Programming Option. Pressing selection button one or two will increase or decrease the column number displayed. Pressing selection button three will actuate the changed connection status of the column number displayed. Pressing selection button four will save the connection changes and return the controller to the “CSSS” prompt.

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Here is a series of buttons selections and the display results in custom mode

row 1 1-4

row 2 5-8

row 3 9-12

ok, here we go...

custom sel 1 - 1 flashing

button 6 three times, stopped flashing

button 9 custom sel 1 - "nothing"

button 9 save?

button 9 custom ????

I checked config I am in 12 selection mode


please help...thanks



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You'd want the VEC 9.3 programming instruction for VMAX HVV.   Is there a label on the inner door offering Preset Space to Sales options?  If so, would any of those cover your needs?  Those make life much easier.  I think those went out of the factory set at Option 9 which assigns all columns to at least one selection to prevent any errors.

If not, write out what you're trying to accomplish on a piece of paper so you can follow that roadmap while you're programming.  Otherwise, you'll likely get more confused.


Below is what your buttons do in program mode.

Any button on "Row 1" = Scroll through menu

Any button on "row 2" =  Enter/Select

Any button on "row 3" =  Escape/Back


When you're assigning columns to Selections - any column number that is flashing is assigned to that Selection.  

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Ok, so I printed out the programming procedure for STS.  Now I'm getting an error:

Vend Mechanism Error Column Jam 11.  If I hit row one selection button the error scrolls through 11,12, and 13?

I only have 10 columns.

Also, I can not scroll past the error?



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It sounds like you have columns that don't exist (11, 12 and 13)  tied to a selection.  You will need to unassign those columns in order to stop having the JC errors.  I have a Preset STS Chart that might help but can't upload here due to file size.   Send me an email and I will reply with that PDF attachment.

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