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Testing Coffee Machine w/o Water Hookup


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Hi All,

Any idea how I could take a coffee machine back to my storage unit (with electricity, but without a water source) to test it to make sure it's good before putting on-site? I've already dealt with having an unknowingly non-functional coffee machine on site for weeks while we had to troubleshoot it and order parts, and I'd like to avoid that embarrassment again.

Are there portable water containers/pumps that can simulate hooking it up to a faucet and get proper PSI?  Any suggestions?


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No. You can't manually fill the tank and the machine works off of a pressurized line supply. You need to step up in the professional vending world and get a commercial location or test these in your garage where you can run a water line to the machine. Also, remember that they run 1500 watt heaters which will trip many 15A breakers, especially in a storage unit and probably in your garage. They should only be run on a 20A circuit.

Now I'm speaking about a real vending machine like an AP213/223 or a National 673, not an Italian countertop brewer.

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Thanks guys, I will check that product out!


surprisingly the storage unit does have a 20A outlet with a T blade recepitcal so I can test out the machines that have those. Looking to get a 673 here in next few weeks so I’ll be looking to test it out. 

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