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Hello to all. I am a new vendor.  I am looking for answers, quidance, advice, information, tips, any and all I can get from you all so that I can make money and be successful. As you can guess, I have all sorts of questions but not all at once. As they arise and so forth.  So I have 5 machines. Bought them used.  Good deals on them and no issues with them until now.  The machine in question is a vendo 480 basic unit. 3 bad motors. My question is the cam, the different colors and why, and should I change the whole motor or just the switch? I have brown cams. 2 of them have the 3 notches and 1 has only 2.    Where do I buy parts?


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You don't have 3 bad motors.  For starters, the cams are adjustable. DOH!  You really need someone to show you how vending machines work.  Become friends with a competitor or a machine distributor or a repair technician.

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