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Leveling a Machine and Install a Credit Card Reader (2 questions in 1)

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AP 6600 Machine, everything is working well. I just need address 2 things.

Question 1: Is there a way to level the machine? If you're looking at the machine in front of you, then it's the rear-right leg that's not touching the ground. So it rocks a little, mainly when I go to lock the door and open it.

Question 2: Is there a certain drill or drill bit that I need to install a card reader? I'm most likely going to go with Nayax. 


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Yes. The legs should have a silver “pad” on the bottom that touches the ground. These are actually bolts that thread in and out to level the machine.

A step drill bit is best to drill holes for a card reader. You will also want to buy an automatic center punch to put a little dent in the steel where the center of the hole is to be drilled before you drill. This will allow the tip of the drill to stay centered when you start the hole and not “wander”.

Also, please note that a stock AP 6600/7600 will not accept a card reader. You will need an aftermarket replacement control board from Vendors Exchange or inOne. Also, on these machines, you will need an extended cable to mount the card reader.

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