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Machines that can vend food and bike supplies

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I'm interested in stocking a vending machine with a variety of snacks as well as a handful of bicycle supplies at my business. 

I'm trying to identify reasonably priced machines that can vend both snacks and bicycle parts. One article I've found online shows a variety of vending machines that appear capable of meeting this need. 

Can anyone identify what types of machines are being used here? 

Link: https://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/g20034647/bike-technology/

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with experience in vending bike supplies. I understand this may not be a profitable enterprise given the likely turn over of supplies. This is to ensure employees have access to bike equipment and snacks as many of them ride to work. 

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On your original question, the first machine is a USI snack machine inside a metal security enclosure (enclosure probably built locally for the location).  The next few are all AMS snack machines, the red ones are AMS Outsiders, built heavier for outdoor, less secure locations. https://www.amsvendors.com/vandal-resistant-merchandiser/  The last machine I have no idea.


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