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GVC1 Wittern Board help - Again!


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Can't say I've been too impressed by wittern as of late.

Machine I'm working on is a 3504 snack.  Original green board disabled MDB whenever a credit card reader was installed.

about an hour on the phone with wittern, they verify based off my machine SN, board color (green) and software version... That the board needs updating.

They gave me the part number 4213952.005 which I ordered from Ryan at Snackattack.

Beard came, great!  Mount it on the standoffs, everything plugs in but the keypad cable.....  its a totally different connector.

Has anyone ever heard of replacing a keyboard cable when swapping GVC1 boards?  Or did I order the wrong board?  Kind of irritated at wittern for not mentioning this when giving me the part numbers.

I did plug everything in but the keyboard and power it up and get 9242 for a moment which I assume is the software version.  Then it displays a "2"  Which I assume is an error based off not having a keyboard plugged in.

So I put the old board back in for the time being.


Thoughts?  Thanks!

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It's very likely that they have a different keyboard harness, especially if GVC2 machines have a different looking keypad, I can't remember.  Look at the manuals for the GVC1 and GVC2 machines on Vendnet and maybe you'll see different PNs for the keypads or harnesses.

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AZ your right. It needs an updated cable. I have one on order.

This is a response from Ryan at snack attack. For anyone in the future who has this same issue....


Hi Timmy


If you have the old green GVC1 board than u will need to up date key pad cable.


Please click on blue link for key pad cable


FSI, USI, Wittern, Vendnet GVC1 / GVC2 CONTROLLER TO KEY PAD Updated CABLE | Snack Attack Vending LLC Vending Machine Service (snackattacknow.com)


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I have had problems with wittern as well.   When installing updated boards they have to be reprogrammed for either snack or soda and I haven't been able to find the instructions on the web.  That means sitting on hold for 1.5 hours only to have it answered by a different department and be told someone from tech support will call you back.  I never got the callback. I can't afford that sort of time.   

The other problem I ran into was a 10yr old USI, glass front combo with a bad compressor.  The deck is obsolete with no replacement making the entire machine scrap!  It's only 10yrs old!

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If you are speaking about GVC boards and how to change the configuration - that is in the manual.  The SM6 manual has it too, I believe, in the extended menu settings.  As to the compressor for a combo unit, you don't need to buy one from USI, just have a good vending refrigeration tech replace the compressor in the deck for you.  While it's likely the condensing unit is glued together instead of screwed together, it makes the job more difficult but not impossible.

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