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Are there legitimate location services.


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6 hours ago, Birdboy said:

Are there legitimate location services that will help find spots for honor boxes and gumball machines?

Not really.

Sure there are locators like KickStart but they charge exorbitant fees and can give you no guarantees that the location they give you will ever make any money. The tough reality in the honor box/gumball machine game is that you are always losing locations due to a variety of circumstances beyond your control (new owner, new manager, remodel, business closes, corporate kick out, they just don't want it anymore and the list goes on). That doesn't include slow locations that just don't produce any income and need to be pulled. The high location turnover means that if you want to be successful in this business, you have to be able to locate on your own because shelling out $40.00 to $60.00 for a new location isn't sustainable if you ever want to make a profit. Reluctance to self locate is one of the primary reasons that people exit the business. No one likes hearing this but it is just the reality in the bulk vending/honor box business.

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On 4/29/2022 at 10:11 AM, Birdboy said:

What about Candy that Cares. Has anyone done business with them and are they good at placing honor boxes in stores with there location services? And is Sheridan systems still in business? 

I did some research on Candy that Cares a few years ago and found them to be way overpriced and frankly, believe they are a scam.  I read too many posts of folks wanting to get into Honor Snacks and find someone  to put accounts on for them.  Here is the issue with locators: they don't give a rat's behind if the account is good or not, or whether it sticks or not.  You CAN NOT do honor snack sales by phone....PERIOD.  You need to get out and place accounts yourself, or if you are uncomfortable selling, hire someone to sell for your company (but now you're looking at an employee and opening up a whole new can of worms).  If you can't talk to customers, you'll never be successful at this business.  Just my 2 cents

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