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Vendo VF546 fuses

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I have a Vendo VF546 but no manual in the machine and I can only find a Vmax manual online which is different.
It has 4 fuses, 1x 10A, 1x 3A, 1x 2A, 1x1.25A (I'm can't remember the exact amperages but 1 x 10A and 3 lighter ones).

The 10A fuse keeps blowing. If I replace the fuse the machine powers up for 5 minutes and then the fuse blows.
Am I right in thinking that the compressor kicks in after about 5 minutes after start-up? So very likely the compressor is blowing the fuse?
I was wondering what the 3 other fuses were for (they are not blown), or if somebody does have a manual that would be great.

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You are correct that the compressor should start after the door is closed for about 5 minutes.  Unplug the compressor and see if the machine still blows the fuse. If not, then it is probably a bad compressor. The other fuses are probably for the logic board, the peripherals and then maybe for an internal circuit such as a 5v logic circuit or maybe one for the motors.

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Thanks for confirming 😉
I will disconnect the compressor and try it again for comparison, didn't have enough time to fiddle with it today.

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