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Wittern 3538 Board faulty?

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Hey people,

I have a Wittern 3538 snack machine.  Machine has been in account for over a year, working just fine.  Last time I served it, I noticed the Credit Card Reader (Cantaloupe ePort Device) wasn't receiving power.  I checked all the cords/plugs/hook ups and they were fine.  I had 2 spare old and out dated telemetry devices that I recently swapped out and upgraded.  So I tried to plug one in.  I powered down the machines properly before swapping out all of these parts btw.  When I powered on the machine, the older telemetry device powered up for maybe 1-2 seconds, then it made a little dying noise and powered down.  When that happened, the lights on the devices came on, then faded off as it made the "dying noise".  What I think is it maybe had too much power and got fried?  I had a second old telemetry unit, plugged it up, and it did the same thing.  

Does anyone have any thoughts?  I tested the power going to the machine and it was normal.  The changer and bill validator (both hooked up through the same mdb line) both worked fine.  But the telemetry/card devices showed no power (after they died).  I could call Cantaloupe and speak with them, but figured I would ask on here first.  See if anyone had any insight on the matter before I call Cantaloupe or Wittern.  

I have attached pictures of the board below.  My thinking was to try and buy a new board and see if that is the issue.  I'd like to not fry another telemetry unit if I don't have to though.

Thanks in advance.




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It's not the logic board if the coin mech and bill acceptor still work.  I think he cooked his readers by not having the antenna attached when he powered them up, even for testing.  USA is very specific about the antenna.

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So I called Cantaloupe and spoke with a guy on the phone.  Described the issue.  He said the antenna's don't have anything to do with the power source.  He said it's more than likely a board issue and that I shouldn't try a new reader until I change the board, or the new reader will probably just fry also.  

Not saying who is right/wrong, but I think I will go forward and purchase a new board.  I don't want to try another reader on that board and fry a 4th reader haha.

Does anyone know the specific board that I will need?  I won't be able to search for it on the internet until tomorrow evening.  Luckily, in my 10+ years, I have never had to buy a new board for a machine so this is new to me.  I can't believed I just typed that.  I have 100+ machines and I have never had to get a new board.  Wow.



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I would call Wittern first. I believe in the past(not too recent) we were able to send the board in ofr repair. I believe the they also upgraded the eprom.  Cost was close to $120 if I remember correctly. Be sure too have the machine serial number when you call.

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Na, wittern will just keep you on hold to tell you....

cost of a new board 249.00

rebuild the one you have for 209.00 but they are back logged for 2 months.

just order a replacement board from Ryan at snack attack vending.

you could have internal regulation on the board failing and causing it to output more than it should over mdb. And I suppose it’s possible that the coin mech and validator have their own internal regulation where as the card readers do not. Thus making them more tolerant to over voltage.

When you get a new board, how much do you want for the bad one?

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