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Hello All,

I am having some intermittent issues with one of my RVV 500's. From time to time, the item will get stuck in the cup and it just disables the whole machine. I am just getting a "Critical Mech" error. I already called Royal, and troubleshooted the calibration settings. I also checked if the cup or belts are loose, and all seems to be fine. My final guess would be the X Motor or maybe the cup sensor? Royal said it wouldn't be the cup sensor. Let me know what you think.



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believe it or not, is this the machine that has a small nipple coming out to turn the column? if it is...... on the cup, there is a small nipple that retracts back and forth as the selection is made, if the nipple is sticking out the cup will get stuck trying to go up, and since it cannot, it disables the whole machine, when opening the door, the cup seems to work fine otherwise. on the top of the cup there are 3 or 4 screws, one of them holds the belts, so be prepared to figure out how you're going to put all this back together, the other screw release the top of the cup, once opened, you will see the nipple sticking out, just realign the nipple back in its place, close it back up and you should be good, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING APART! the nipple sits on a motor, the motor is loose! lift slightly to realign the nipple, and reassemble. if you need more help send me a pic of the machine.

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