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Help with Vendo BB01

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I am trying to get a Wurlitzer branded Coke Vending machine working. The unit cools but I get no display on the panel. I took it apart and everything is connected to a Vendo BB01 board. The board says BB01 and 2198FC05. I can’t seem to find this board anywhere to purchase. I am assuming this is the problem. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I attached some pics of the board.



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I have the same issue.. 

I start trace the power.. Liiks like I got power to the 2 retrifiers bout then it is lost. The voltageregulator that is attached to the big heatsink is getting power but no output. There is a condensator close to the regulator that might have a short. If the condensator has a short the regulator will blow.

I have just disassemblied the board. I need some tome to find the voltage regulator and go from there..

contact me at cabbagecreek@gmail.com

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I tested to install a new voltage regulator. tested the disassemblied regulator and it was dead. It also shown a "brownish" discoloration on the shielding tab. Might idicate thet it has been to hot. Changing the regulator did not start the board.. It is still "stone dead"

I might need to replace the board .. It looks like the BB01 board is used on many vending machines

Is there someone that got a spare that I can buy?

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I've had a similar issue with an old Pepsi machine, so maybe my experience might be of some help. First things first, it's not always the board that's causing the issue. Sometimes it's just a bad connection somewhere. Try checking all the connections and cables for any corrosion or damage. If everything looks fine, you could try resetting the board. Unplug it, wait for a couple of minutes, and then plug it back in.
As for getting a new BB01 board, they can be hard to find indeed. You might want to try reaching out to some local electronics repair shops. Sometimes they have old boards lying around or know where to get them. Also, consider checking out some online auctions or sites like eBay. You'd be surprised what people sell there.

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