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Replacing Cooling Deck DN 5591

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I have to replace a compressor in one of my drink machines (Model listed in title of forum). My question is can just the 1/2 HP compressor be replaced, or does the whole cooling deck need to be swapped out? 

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You have to remove the bottom two shelves and the panel above the evaporator to get to the evaporator screws.  Remove the light lens first. Then remove the metal that covers the freon lines laying inside the cold compartment.  Remove the cold control sensor but don't lose the clip. Pull the recovery unit out and remove the bolts holding the deck down to the cabinet.  Get behind the machine and cut the zip tie that hold the drain hose to a freon line. Unplug the deck from inside the coin cabinet and push the cord to the cooling deck.  Now pull the evaporator out and begin working the deck out of the cabinet while the evaporator slides with it.  It's cheaper to buy a 5591 deck than it is to replace the 1/2HP compressor, or at least it used to be.  The compressor is about $1000 to replace with labor but a new deck used to be less than that and came with a 5 yr warranty. 

I have done it on location but prefer to do it in the shop.

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