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Building a vending machine

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Any body know if someone makes or where to buy a kit to convert lockers to a vending machine , I am thinking to swap out the locks on this cabinet for solenoid catchs I'm looking for a keypad to select the door number and join it to a nayax card reader to have the door catch then open after payment  ( for potatoes on a farm ) alternatively I would use a 2 euro coin operated door lock similar to a gumball machine mechanism if such a thing is sold ,

thanks for your help




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Fastenal already has machines like this, if you can buy one.  They are proprietary for their tool control business in industrial locations.

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We’ve been considering something like this in a modular form so that sections of compartments could be joined to fill a desired space. What size/configuration would you be looking for? How many locations are you trying to fill?

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